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DELAIN - Interlude

Производитель/поставщик: Napalm Records


Стилистика: Symphonic Rock

Год выпуска: 2013

Трек лист:

CD-1 Breathe On Me

CD-2 Collars & Suits

CD-3 Are You Done With Me (New Single Mix)

CD-4 Such A Shame

CD-5 Cordell

CD-6 Smalltown Boy

CD-7 We Are The Others (New Ballad Version)

CD-8 Mother Machine (Live)

CD-9 Get The Devil Out Of Me (Live)

CD-10 Milk And Honey (Live)

CD-11 Invidia (Live)

CD-12 Electricity (Live)

CD-13 Not Enough (Live)

DVD-1 Invidia (Live)

DVD-2 Electricity (Live)

DVD-3 We Are The Others (Live)

DVD-4 Milk And Honey (Live)

DVD-5 Not Enough (Live)

DVD-6 70000 Tons Of Metal

DVD-7 Backstage Footage

DVD-8 Get The Devil Out Of Me (Video)

DVD-9 Alhambra

DVD-10 We Are The Others (Album Version Video)

DVD-11 April Rain (Video)

DVD-12 Frozen (Video)