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KREATOR - Coma Of Souls

Производитель/поставщик: Noise

Формат: 3LP (Reissue, Remastered)

Стилистика: Thrash Metal

Год выпуска: 2018

Трек лист:

A1 When The Sun Burns Red

A2 Coma Of Souls

A3 People Of The Lie

A4 World Beyond

A5 Terror Zone

B1 Agents Of Brutality

B2 Material World Paranoia

B3 Twisted Urges

B4 Hidden Dictator

B5 Mental Slavery

Bonus Tracks (Live In Fürth, Germany – 06/12/1990)

C1 When The Sun Burns Red

C2 Betrayer

C3 Terrible Certainly

C4 Extreme Agression

D1 Coma Of Souls

D2 People Of The Lie

D3 Choir Of The Damned

D4 The Pestilence

D5 Some Pain Will Last

E1 Toxic Trace

E2 Drum Solo

E3 Terror Zone

E4 Pleasure To Kill

F1 Flag Of Hate

F2 Agents Of Brutality

F3 Riot Of Violence

F4 Tormentor