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PSYCHOTIC WALTZ - The God-Shaped Void

Производитель/поставщик: Inside Out Music

Формат: 2LP+CD

Стилистика: Heavy Metal

Год выпуска: 2018

Трек лист:

A1 Devils And Angels

A2 Stranded

A3 Back To Black

B1 All The Bad Men

B2 The Fallen

B3 While The Spiders Spin

C1 Pull The String

C2 Demystified

C3 Season Of The Swarm

D1 Sisters Of The Dawn

D2 In The Silence

CD-1 Devils And Angels

CD-2 Stranded

CD-3 Back To Black

CD-4 All The Bad Men

CD-5 The Fallen

CD-6 While The Spiders Spin

CD-7 Pull The String

CD-8 Demystified

CD-9 Season Of The Swarm

CD-10 Sisters Of The Dawn

CD-11 In The Silence