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SEPULTURA ‎– The Roadrunner Albums: 1985-1996

Производитель/поставщик: Roadrunner Records

Формат: LP BOX

Стилистика: Thrash Metal

Год выпуска: 2017

Трек лист:

Morbid Visions / Bestial Devastation

A1 Morbid Visions

A2 Mayhem

A3 Troops Of Doom

A4 War

A5 Crucifixion

A6 Show Me The Wrath

B1 Funeral Rites

B2 Empire Of The Damned

B3 The Curse

B4 Bestial Devastation

B5 Antichrist

B6 Necromancer

B7 Warriors Of Death


C1 Intro

C2 From The Past Comes the Storms

C3 To The Wall

C4 Escape To The Void

C5 Inquisition Symphony

D1 Screams Behind The Shadows

D2 Septic Schizo

D3 The Abyss

D4 R.I.P (Rest In Pain)

D5 Troops Of Doom (Bonus)

Beneath The Remains

E1 Beneath The Remains

E2 Inner Self

E3 Strong Than Hate

E4 Mass Hypnosis

E5 Sarcastic Existence

F1 Slave Of Pain

F2 Lobotomy

F3 Hungry

F4 Primitive Future


G1 Arise

G2 Dead Embryonic Cells

G3 Desperate Cry

G4 Murder

G5 Subtraction

H1 Altered State

H2 Under Siege (Regnum Irae)

H3 Meaningless Movements

H4 Infected Voice

Chaos A.D.

I1 Refuse/Resist

I2 Territory

I3 Slave New World

I4 Amen

I5 Kaiowas

I6 Propaganda

J1 Biotech Is Godzilla

J2 Nomad

J3 We Who Are Not As Others

J4 Manifest

J5 The Hunt

J6 Clenched Fist


K1 Roots Bloody Roots

K2 Attitude

K3 Cut-Throat

K4 Ratamahatta

K5 Breed Apart

K6 Straighthate

K7 Spit

L1 Lookaway

L2 Dusted

L3 Born Stubborn

L4 Jasco

L5 Itsari

L6 Ambush

L7 Endangered Species

L8 Dictatorshit